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TEEYAN is about happiness, prosperity and well-being. It is very pious and ominous festival for Indian Women where newly married and young unmarried women gather together to celebrate the beginning of rainy season. Teeyan (also known as Teej) is widely popular in the northern region of India ranging from Punjab Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar to Orissa and Madhya Pradesh. 

The word Teeyan originates from Punjab pronounced "tee-aan" meaning celebration of happy and prosperous married life. The festival celebrates the beginning of the rainy season where newly married girls return to their parent’s home. Usually a fair is organised on this occasion where swings are a common sight. For the rural women specially, this is a time to pamper and enjoy oneself, by buying bangles, bindis, bead necklaces, getting henna tattoos done on hands and feet, and eating sumptuous dishes.

Married women returning to their parental home receive clothes and other gifts from their parents and other male kins. 

Teeyan event was organised to keep this Indian tradition alive in Australia. It was through the efforts and hard work of the team that Teeyan was successfully celebrated in Australia for the first time in August 2005. More than 700 women and children attended Teeyan 2005 and the size of attendees increased up to 1200 during Teeyan 2006. 

Every year ladies from Indian, Pakistani and Fiji background look forward to attending Teeyan Festival. Preparations start way ahead to take part in competitions like Giddha (famous dance of Punjab also known as sister of Bhangra), Charkha (spinning wheel), Mendhi (Henna Art), Sidhni (satire), Bholiyan (ode) and Miss Teeyan. 

Dressed in their best and decked by traditional ornaments, women gather on this day and look a medley of color and beauty. They are in festive mood to enjoy the events of the day specially organised for them. 



With the pressing demand from number of Indian Community members to take Teeyan to another level, Teeyan Society members took the initiative to establish a Teeyan Society. Thus the Teeyan Society came into extistence with the objectives of developing partnerships to promote and seek better understanding of Indian Culture, Indian Cultural Activities, Indian Cultural Beliefs to all Australian Communities; and organising various activities to promote Indian Culture and Indian Women’s health and wellbeing. Your support is welcome if you share this goal. Teeyan Society is a non profit, non political and non communal women’s organisation. 


Dedicated bunch of people who make Teeyan Society succesful



Harinder Kaur


Navjeet Sandhu


Amardeep Grewal  


Gurpreet Kaur Brar 


Rajkiron Randhawa




                    Harinder Kaur    - Media Advisor


                    Navjeet Sandhu President


                    Rajkiron Randhawa  - Vice President


                    Amardeep Grewal - Public Officer/Treasurer


                   Gurpreet Brar  - Secretary




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